One of Young Living’s citrus oils with many benefits and uses is Lime essential oil.  Lime is great of course for adding to water to drink or adding to recipes that call for lime juice.  Since lime oil is made from the rind, unlike lime juice which is made from the pulp, the benefits are different and even better.  Lime oil is beneficial in strengthening the immune system and helping you feel your best.  It is great for keeping skin in good condition and for helping with occasional skin problems.   One great way to help rid your home of chemicals is to make homemade cleaners.  Using lime oil in your cleaners not only smells wonderful, but it disinfects your home too.  Lime oil contains d-limonene, which is found in the rind of citrus oils, and has many health benefits.   Lime oil can be ingested, diffused for a fresh smell in your home, or added to cleaners, recipes, etc.

How To Order Lime