Twelve Dangers of Using Essential Oils

You will feel healthier.  Drinking Young Living citrus oils helps my stomach and skin to feel better, diffusing oils make me feel happier and more positive, and the benefits definitely keep me above the wellness line year-round.

You will spend less on dr. visits.  My family and I stayed above the wellness line last winter.  Just sayin’.  Even occasional skin problems, ear pain after swimming, and starting to fall below the wellness line were eased with my oils.

Your house will smell better and feel cleaner.  There is nothing like a little Purification oil and Lemon oil, whether diffused, sprayed, or made into a scrub to make my house smell better and look cleaner.  And those are just two of the oils that can be used in your home, all chemical and toxin free.  100% pure oil.

You will sleep better.  I have the occasional night of tossing and turning, but Young Living Stress Away oil helps me sleep more soundly.

You will panic if you’re diffuser isn’t running.  Like I said, having my diffuser running makes me feel better.  Maybe because the oils are so good for my mood and keep me healthier, but also because I know I’m putting good things into the air.

You will find excuses to spend money on oils.  I am trying only to buy one or two oils at a time, but each time I read about a new one I haven’t tried, I add it to my wish list.  I figure it’s a good investment in my family’s health!

Your husband and kids will start using your oils.  I love having my son come up and ask where the lavender oil is.  Or having my husband ask for Stress Away before bedtime.  Having them come on board makes it even more exciting to have Young Living oils in my home and as my business.

Your friends and family will start asking lots of oil questions.  I love sharing my love of oils with friends and family.  And I’m pleased when they start asking questions and using samples I give them.  Why not share these wonderful oils with everyone, right?

You will find new uses for your oils daily.  There is so much information online, among other users, and through your Young Living family on new ways to use oils.  And I love hearing peoples’ success stories.

You might actually start liking the smell of oils you never liked at first.  I didn’t like the smell of Frankincense at first.  After using it on my face each night, I like it now.  My son still doesn’t prefer the smell of lavender, but when he feels like he’s falling below the wellness line, he puts it on his feet to support his immune system.

You will get overly excited when an oil “works” for something.  I love hearing success stories.  I give out samples when I can and ask people to use them and report back to me.  It’s exciting to hear how these oils really do benefit wellness.  And of course, I love when I or my family use an oil and having success with it.

You might find yourself at the start of an exciting new business.   I don’t know how many testimonials I’ve heard of people who bought the Young Living starter kit just to get the oils or the yearly discount.  Then they started sharing their oils with others, which turned into a business.  I, on the other hand, went into this hoping to start a new business, and I’m glad I did.  I love Young Living oils, and I love watching other people get excited about them too!

I can’t say enough good about the Young Living Company, the oils and products themselves, or the people that I have already met in starting my business.  If you’re interested in learning more, becoming a member, ordering products, or if you have any questions, please contact me at  Thanks!