Why Young Living
When I signed up with Young Living almost a year ago, I knew that I liked essential oils, but I took the word of a family member and a friend that Young Living was a great company with quality oils. I hadn’t tried all 11 oils in the Premium Starter Kit. I had only tried 3. I signed up knowing that I was joining a great company, but there was much more I would soon learn.
As I started reading about the company and watching videos, I was impressed with the quality of Young Living’s products. Young Living is the only company with the Seed to Seal Promise. This means that the seeds that they choose are of the highest quality to produce the best plants possible. They are planted in perfectly cared-for soil. The plants and soils are never treated with chemicals or pesticides. All insect-control is done with unused oils that are put back onto the fields. Weed control is done by hand. The plants are harvested at just the right time when they are at their best. Distillation is done on site, and Young Living only uses first distillation. This is very important. First distillation is like the first pot of coffee. Second distillation would be if you pour water into your coffee pot but use the same grounds. Many companies sell oils that are from the second or third distillation, so the oil is much less potent. The oil undergoes rigorous testing, which is done on-site, as well as sent to unbiased third parties for testing also. The oil that is bottled is guaranteed to be the highest quality and the purest oil possible. Many companies can state that their essential oil is 100% pure. However, since there are no strict guidelines, this can be stated when there is as little as 5% actual essential oil. The rest of the bottle could be filled with synthetics, additives, and fillers. Young Living promises that their oil is 100% pure. Nothing is in that bottle except what is stated on the label.
Young Living also owns their own farms worldwide, which gives them total control over their product. And they partner with other farms for some of their oils, and these farms must adhere to Young Living’s strict guidelines also.
Young Living goes above and beyond to prove that they are of the highest quality and purity. They have much information available, and they have their farms open to the public to see in person how they operate.
I am also impressed with the founder and owner of Young Living, Gary Young. Gary has been making essential oils for 30 years, and has been in business as Young Living for 22 years. He is a kind and sincere man who cares about what he’s doing. He cares about his product and his company, is down to earth and generous, and pays it forward to his members and to the community as well as worldwide.
If you want to get started with a good quality essential oil with a great company, Young Living will not let you down. Contact me to get started today – Julie@OilyRiser.com  Member #3875695